loose ends' keeper & the LLC

loose ends began as an ignorant caterpillar, same as the rest of us when we enter into this world. we thought that the only way for her to have meaning was if she was plucked by a literary agent from her leaf because popular opinion suggested this as the only way to catalyze her into a butterfly. however, as she grew, no literary agent appeared. we were initially fearful of her time in the cocoon for we did not want her to be trapped there for having not obeyed the laws of the universe. but, she cocooned herself anyway, much to her keeper’s despair. to teach her keeper that it is the function of time to fade despair into understanding, which is precisely what occurred. loose ends’ keeper realized that the absence of an agent was not a predestined ill-fate, but, rather, a part of her journey with this caterpillar. yet another example of life never being what it seemed. life never adhering to one formulated path as the only route to our desired destination. thus, instead of praying for an agent, she began to pray for the loose ends caterpillar to grow at her own pace, trusting that she would emerge from her cocoon at the perfect time. it wasn’t always this sturdy of an understanding. her faith was tested multiple times by both others and internal demons that questioned her intuition to trust loose ends’ nature as opposed to what everyone else thought or said. which is what has led her to this point. a balance between progress and patience. a delicate waiting. she finished hard deep edits of part i of loose ends, assuming that part ii was perfect in its current state. but, after a month of considering forward movement—consisting of assembling a team and fundraising—it did not feel right. so she turned back to the page, pleased with part i but inspired by part ii to tease it out to its fullest potential. and this is life. what we think is happening at one point is truth. then, time passes, we indubitably change, and return back to the point where we began to realize that nothing looks the same.


check back soon

the writing is finished and now it is time for the assembly.

the lawyer for release forms, the editor for final cuts and tweaks, the design editor, the crowd funder, the publicist…

we are building our team.