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why are you self-publishing? 

we have chosen to self publish LOOSE ENDS via the LLC, North Node, because it allows us to outsource work as needed. this provides not only flexibility, but cost management, as well as the opportunity to choose the people who feel most fit to work on the project at hand. 

why do you need an LLC to self-publish? 

short answer: you don’t. 

so, why are we? 

because it insulates the author from the work. it will also allow us to publish first-time authors who are also seeking an alternative avenue to bringing their material into the world in the future. 

how much of the money you are asking for will go to paying the author directly? 


some of the costs have already been paid, such as establishing the LLC, the annual tax fee, and the release form. therefore, the money raised will be to recompense those payments as well as pay for the remaining services that will take the book to the final level of completion. 

keep in mind that for every book we sell in a retail store, we make $1. “we” is the publishing company and the author. in a traditional publishing scenario, that means that the author would make even less. 

who is cee hunt?

learn more about cee hunt at her website here.