loose ends title page.png

no one ever told cee the truth. 

the truth was covered up by cultural norms, acting a certain way, and doing what we were told. AKA: illusions preserved by the entitled land of orange county.

but, the truth always reveals itself even if everyone can’t see it, hence cee’s initial resignation.

she did not know that the truth was responsible for the disarray her life had become. that dissolution is how a seeker tunes into the sound of her own heart because no one had ever told her that our hearts are the direct lines to the truth. 

after the 2008 economic crisis, cee’s dad was without a job. she moved home from college to enter the adult world of formal employment, but what she found wasn’t a place school had prepared her for or the adults had taught her to understand. it was a world without rules or morals, a safety net or sympathy. establishments of the past had been erased, but not replaced, leaving her with a blank map and without a person whose map looked the same. it was up to her to figure it out for herself. 

 cee’s reflection on the universal trials of growing up catalyzes our own, emphasizing that we will never know who we are if we don’t engage with what we don’t want to see.